About The Auto Club Blog

Auto Club membership offering Group Insurance Discount’s on Health, Life, Auto, Homeowners, Electronics, Hospital Indemnification, Travel & Entertainment, and Members Rewards!

The AUTO CLUB of N.A. Group (ACNA) is a multi-channel, sales, marketing and membership organization that utilizes a variety of distribution platforms in order to provide information, advocacy, insurance products and assistance directly to consumers, associations, affinity groups and others on an international basis.
ACNA offers a full range of consumer-focused products designed to help make membership Loyalty sales an enjoyable experience. As an US-based membership loyalty and product platform not owned by an insurance company corporate parent, we are able to provide unique access to a broad spectrum of A-rated insurance carriers and products not only from the US, but throughout the world.
The ACNA mission is to promote the interests and well-being of our organization, our members and the community at large. We strive to make a positive difference in society by educating the public and expanding our reach through charitable and civic endeavors. We are active in developing and promoting activities that establish, protect and foster the rights of those we serve.
The ACNA organization promotes and advocates on behalf of our broad-based, diverse membership. We provide distribution of timely, relevant information, products and services for the benefit of our members. Our offerings include a wide variety of “consumer-focused” products and services.
Our sales and service requests are derived from consumers throughout the world who can visit our website, have been in contact with our inbound/outbound telemarketing professionals or have been contacted directly through our sales and marketing team. Consumer awareness of our brand emanates from traditional advertising, new media, web searches, joint-marketing and referrals in conjunction with associations, affinity groups and other interested entities.
Among our key differentiators is ACNA’s approach to “cashless benefits”. Utilizing an established assistance network operated by international partner-affiliates, ACNA is able to coordinate services and adjudicate claims “on-the-spot”. There are no complex claim forms to complete, no loss notarizations and no guessing games or surprises for the policyholder as to whether and for how much they will be covered. ACNA will remain a lean, “go forward” sales organization. Our nimble business model will continue to allow us the opportunity to move quickly in establishing partnerships that provide for immediate sales to consumers and affinity partners. In support of this goal we will continually provide marketing deliverables that will be clean, concise, easy to understand, multilingual and consistent in their presentation.
We are able to immediately provide a sophisticated, full-service, fully staffed, comprehensive solutions. Our product offers are innovative and unique. Our methods for retaining customers are proprietary and scalable for long-term growth. Our business relationships are extensive and we are anxious to begin new RelationshipsTravel Small.

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