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Individual Health Care Open Enrollment Deadline has Been Extended / Tax Subisidy Info

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has extended the deadline for individual open enrollment for Jan 1, 2016 to midnight Thursday.

Any individual or families who have a policy and want to make changes or needs to enroll in coverage has until Midnight Thursday, to sign up or amend their plan. Anyone that needs help or has question’s can call  866 973 9688 or visit; and compare over 40 Different Carriers Side by Side including all available Tax Credits and Subsidies.

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December 15th is the Deadline for open enrolent under the Affordable Health Care Act

On January 1st the Employer Mandate will Start and many Company’s have not made any plans.  A recent Survey shows that the Majority  of Employers do not understand how to be Compliant and we believe that they will offer a Dollar Amount to their Employee’s in order for them to Chose the best Plan that fit’s their needs.  Even people covered under Group Plans may be better off switching to the Market Place plans.

Auto Club of North America is one of only a Handful of Company’s which are able to offer the Tax Credit’s, Discount’s, etc., that are compliant.

Anyone can compare Plans from over 40 Carriers, side by side at their website: