“Handsome Harambe” the Gorilla killed by no Fault of his own!

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This is a very unfortunate story of Low Land Gorilla who lost his life because of consequences beyond his control.  In the Wild, the low land Gorilla’s are not very aggressive but just as Prisoner’s locked up long enough, aggression can change the psychological makeup of Human or Primate.

Unfortunately, the child had expressed to his mother, supposedly in front of witnesses, that he wanted to Climb into the exhibit and apparently she was remiss in not paying enough attention in order to ensure that he would not be successful.

The Enclosure should have been secure enough that a 3 year old or anyone else could not gain access, it is disturbing that  the Zoo Director admitted that the Security could be breached very easily.  Maynard said, adding that while the barrier is over 3 feet high, “anyone” can climb it if they “want to,”

” Maynard said he is not “pointing fingers” on who to blame for the incident.  Perhaps, Harambe was only trying to protect the child but with all of the yelling and Screaming he was confused and became agitated.  As Maynard has said. The “difficult” decision to shoot and kill him was made after he didn’t respond to a “special call” zookeepers make to call the gorillas in. Instead, he was stimulated by the child and onlookers’ screams and began dragging him around.

Gorilla’s are territorial and may have felt that his territory was threatened by the Crowd and the other Gorilla’s in the Exhibit and was only trying to protect this 3 year old but was confused.  Gorillas are self-aware. They love, laugh, sing, play, and grieve. Western lowland gorillas are gentle animals. They don’t attack unless they’re provoked,” PETA said in its statement.

The two female gorillas that lived in Harambe’s group have been “looking around” for him, Maynard said, but they did not witness the shooting.

In a life and Death situation especially with a young child It is difficult to make that call, however several people have suggested that the “Sharp Shooters” could have been on “Stand By” awaiting the result’s of a Tranquelizer shot to see the out come even though it could mean a split decision of life or Death for the little boy which could have gone either way even if Harambe was Tranquelized and fell on the child.

The Execution of Harambe can not be justified by any circumstances and their is no question that the blame and responsibility has to be shared with the lack of Security and the Lack of Parental Control.

Harambe was basically an innocent “By Stander” who was forced into a situation that he was not familiar with and acted accordingly.  The zoo is responsible for not providing enough security to avoid it and the Parent’s are equally responsible.

The Bottom line, Harambe  is dead because of other people’s negligence that could have been avoided.

Auto Club of North America is working on several programs regarding and addressing Animal Right’s, and fully support any Groups and Associations involved accordingly.




Harambe The Gorilla: Jack Hanna Interview Concerning Lethal Shots [Video]




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